There are reasons why basketball is a top 3 most popular sports in the world. When basketballai??i??s excitement collides with Vietnamese passion, basketballai??i??s popularity explodes in Vietnam. Saigon Heat is the major catalyst of basketballai??i??s development in Vietnam because Saigon Heat has done thorough good job in every phase of the game including the quality of players, novel in-game entertainment, savvy marketing activities, and wide exposure on TV & other mass media channels. Representing Vietnam in ASEAN Basketball League, Saigon Heat creates an aspiration that Vietnamese can compete athletically, professionally, and internationally. Saigon Heat seeks to inspire the youth of Vietnam to get stronger through playing basketball.


TheAi??Heat is more than a sport team but also a family where all the players both imports and locals help each other to improve and progress. That gives a cause to the fact that local basketball players of The Heat have gradually bridged the gap in compared with the US imports and Filipinos.



Consisted of sports enthusiasts and hip urban youths, widely regarded as the most loyal and enthusiastic fans in the league, Saigon Heatai??i??s fans create an insurmountable advantage for their home team. The Heat’s fans are the best ambassadors of basketball in Vietnam.


Founded in 2012, Saigon Heatgirls have been cheering the crowds and the Saigon Heat players at their home games in Vietnam. The Heatgirls have brought a brand-new atmosphere to the intense games by their dynamic, sexy and attractive dance steps, which is indispensable to the Saigon Heatai??i??s victories.


As an indispensable factor in every Saigon Heatai??i??s home game, the teamai??i??s mascot always gives the audience adorable and energetic performances. Mr.30 is the symbol of Saigon Heatai??i??s power and determination to gain victories.


VBA is the premier professional basketball league in Vietnam to promote basketball lifestyles to the youth via the Sports – Entertainment model proven by Saigon Heat team. The league is truly nationwide, with games and programming in 4 regions of Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Da Nang and Can Tho. VBA rosters consist of Vietnamese heritage, international and local players. There are 6 teams in the VBA: Saigon Heat, Ho Chi Minh City Wings, Hanoi Buffaloes, Thang Long Warriors, Cantho Catfish, Danang Dragons. The VBA offers fans real time access to live regular season VBA games and Stats, Scores, Highlights and more on both TV, web and mobile.



VBA players play not only for their passion, their dreams, their fans but also for their city.


Each game brings to the fans not only the thrilling but also the unique entertaining experience through sideline activities, music, dance and art performances.


Whether you come alone or with your friends, your family or your kids, the excitement in VBA game is always there to welcome you and offers its best.



VUG – Vietnam University Games – brings university sport competitions to a higher level with the entertaining sports and a well-structured competition system.Ai??Over 60 schools and more than half million students participated in VUG every yearAi??to compete in Futsal and Dance Battle. This is not only the competition playground for students to show their determination, passion and school spirits, but also a platform to discover and nurture sport talents.

VUGAi??also features sideline activities which are organized through ai???Campus Tourai??? and ai???University Visitai??? events at each participating university. Those activities are being joined by celebrities, renowned players, coaches and experts to inspire students, creating a helpful playground for students.


SSA Sports is a uniqueAi??Multi-Sports Training CenterAi??that currently teaches football, basketball and a dedicated Skills Factory program, specifically aim at 3 ai??i?? 5 year olds. Our mission is to bring an international standard of sports coaching and training to Vietnam. In addition, SSA also organizes sports leagues, tournaments and community events. We are connecting the community (both expat and local) and positively impacting lives through our sports related activities.



Our popular and successful basketball course is also delivered by a wide mix of highly experienced local and international coaches. Our strength is our coaching staff from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Vietnam. All our qualified coaches are former basketball players with extensive knowledge and an understanding of the game. All posses international recognised certifications in basketball and received regular coaches clinic work to ensure the SSA Basketball classes are the most FUN, developed, exciting and insightful throughout Vietnam



Our football coaching staff are highly qualified and experienced, including coaches who hold coaching qualifications from the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), the English Football Association (the FA) and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).


SSA Football Coaches are looking for new recruits to join the exciting ai???Development Programai??? This football initiative caters to all levels and abilities (providing you have a commitment to play, and a desire to improve your skills) Be part of a team. Practice 3 times/ week Compete in the SSA Youth League (compete against Expat & Vietnamese Teams every week) High level coaching along with an age appropriate curriculum.


The Skills Factory Program is SSAai??i??s most exciting and fun program offering for 3-6 year old children. Young players learn and practice Ai??fundamental sports skills through fun games, competitions and skill building activities. Our coaches create a high energy, fun filled environment as players work on their dribbling, passing and shooting skills in imaginative, age appropriate games such as Whatai??i??s the Time Mr Wolf? Surfers and Crabs and Pirate Treasure Hunt! In addition, activities are used to develop fundamental motor skills that are essential for life long sport participation. A great introduction to sports and group play for the next generation of young athletes!


The SSA Youth League is Ho Chi Minhai??i??s first ever football league for children.Ai?? Organized by SSA Sports, the youth league is open to all youth football teams across the city. SSA Sports has been successfully organizing Saigonai??i??s largest international tournaments for more than five years, with over 3,000 players joining our events. These tournaments and competitions provide opportunities for young players to gain experience and develop their skills. SSA competitions also bring people and communities closer together, with participants coming from local Vietnamese clubs, international training academies and schools, and government teams.

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